Historical aprons from three centuries

The apron is the main part of the symbolic clothing of all Freemasons worldwide. It has its origins in the protective stonemason's clothing of the cathedral building huts.

Here we are showing selected examples from the “Kloser Collection” in Krems to the public for the first time, as well as historical aprons from the late 18th century.


Immerse yourself in the History of Freemasonry

It all started with Empress Maria-Theresia.

Actually her husband, Franz Stephan of Lorraine.

He was one of the first Freemasons in Austria.

Enlightened nobles, a liberal bourgeoisie and many artists helped Freemasonry to flourish for the first time. Banned again by neo-absolutism, awakened in the 1st republic, damaged by the Nazis, revitalized since 1945, the Freemasons are now reviving intellectual life in the country.

Experience the interesting history of the Freemasons in Austria on a tour through the museum.


The oldest Masonic Temple

At least in continental Europe. A ritual room from 1748 that still houses Masonic gatherings.

Only here in Rosenau is there an opportunity to visit such a historically significant place and capture the atmosphere.


Rosenau - a mysterious Pearl in the Waldviertel Region

Among the excursion destinations in northern Lower Austria, Rosenau Castle is one that is particularly worth a visit. An imposing baroque castle, surrounded by manor estate, rose gardens and park, which only revealed part of its secret in the 1970s: the establishment of a Masonic lodge.

Today, next to the museum, a four-star superior hotel and a cozy cafe-restaurant invite you to linger.