Why Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is based on the recognition and observance of the general moral law, which is equally binding on all human beings, but does not know dogmas, rejects racial and class hatred the most decisively and thus builds - as it is called in the language of Freemasonry - "at the temple of universal philanthropy ".

The enforcement of human rights, which have been re-codified several times since 1776, is today the goal of many political parties and states. It is not possible to enforce human rights globally. There is a lack of altruism, lack of tolerance, lack of humanity. The of the total enforcement of human rights may seem unattainable and utopian to some, but once grasped and recognized, it is a highly effective social force that admittedly approaches its aim only asymptotically.

(Alexander Giese, Grand Master Grandlodge of Austria 1975 -1987)


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